A Guide to Choosing a Professional Manufacturer of Universal Joints


The universal joint is one of the essential power transmission components in today’s modern vehicle. Steering joint The joint is designed to transmit torque, angular displacement, and rotary motion between two shafts that are misaligned or rotated in different directions.

Universal joints are available in many sizes, configurations, and materials. They are used in various applications, including motor-driven vehicles, construction equipment, and material handling equipment. A single U-Joint is a piece of steel or aluminum with a center block and two pins that lock the joint together. It is rated to transmit a continuous-acting torque of 20 in-lbs. This torque is transmitted at a rate of 600 RPM.

Double U-Joints have a centerpiece connected on each end by two separate joints. These joints are designed to withstand angular and parallel misalignment. They also feature a telescoping splined shaft that allows for adjustments to the length of the shaft.

There are numerous types of U-Joints to choose from, including steel, ball, and plastic. Some are lubricated for life, while others are manufactured with grease fittings. In addition, you can find U-Joints that are designed for specific applications, such as heavy-duty, off-highway, or construction.

SKF Universal Joints are precision-manufactured to provide the best performance and longevity. They are designed to fit a variety of applications and are OE-certified. Their high-temperature grease provides superior lubrication.

Neapco manufactures driveline products, including U joints, and is one of the pioneers of the driveline industry. Their products are available in various variations, including those designed for cars, trucks, buses, and SUVs. As a leading U-Joint supplier, Neapco has built a reputation for providing outstanding quality and value for the automotive and industrial markets.

GMB is a reliable manufacturer of premium quality engine drive systems, transmission parts, and cooling systems. GMB is certified for TS 16949, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 and offers various parts and systems compatible with various OEMs. With a reputation for problem-solving, GMB is a critical player in the global U-Joint market.

Dana has a worldwide presence and a deep understanding of the automotive drivetrain and power-conveyance systems. Dana has the expertise and resources to develop innovative solutions to the most challenging driving situations. Whether you need a new driveline part or want to replace your existing unit, Dana will help you reach your goals.

Moog’s product line includes premium, heavy-duty, and super-strength universal joints. Moog’s advanced designs and precise engineering ensure that the U-joints provide safe, efficient, and reliable operation. Additionally, Moog provides award-winning technical support, training materials, and more.

Founded more than six decades ago, GKN has built a solid reputation as an industry leader in manufacturing quality products and systems for various industries.