Ideas of business from scratchTo do business in our time many wish, after all, one of the few ways to earn good money. However, very often you can hear that in order to create a business, you need to invest a large sum that is not available to many beginners in business, what their dreams to start their own business don’t come true. However, as in Europe and the USA, in our country the government begins to create fertile ground for the development of small business for which you almost don’t need money, so create your own business, you only need a good business idea from scratch .

In Russia almost from scratch can be earned only on the fact that as yet poorly developed, you need to be a pioneer in this area to earn, it should be noted that in trading it is better not to climb, because small business can’t compete with the big giants, in addition to trade, will need to invest a large amount.

The service sector in our country, though not highly developed, compared with Western countries, but the competition is still large, and will need to offer something that no one has previously done, and it is difficult, therefore, without investments in this area will be difficult to earn.

How to open your own business. What you can earn? It just so happened that in Russia practically is not developed, the field of processing of raw materials, this is the main problem, as in our country a lot of minerals, that is, our country is rich in raw materials, but does not know how to process it, so many businesses are simply exporting raw materials to the West. In the U.S. and Europe, processing of raw materials is engaged in just small business, and the state creates all conditions. As it happens, they buy raw materials from Russia, and make it into finished products, and sell back to Russia, but for a large amount. Therefore, processing of raw materials – this is a great business for beginners, with a minimum investment, but with a very large income, because the domestic business will be much more profitable to sell raw materials to you, rather than abroad, as transportation will be cheaper. For example, you can engage in the processing of wheat or oats in food for rodents, and sell it at a higher price. You can buy for 200.e. a ton of wheat, to spend some money on recycling, purchase of other components, electricity, and the resulting food to sell 1.5 in.e. za1 kg, and as a result you will receive 1500 from.e. that is, small the amount invested will be repaid several times over.