Business ideas do not require large investments. Business ideas with low investmentSo, business ideas that do not require large investments many, we dug in their archives, I read the reviews on various projects and gathered his top ten (and then couldn’t stop and added another).

Repair of apartments. Give an ad in the newspaper. First you need to take small amounts of work, then as you gain experience you should increase the volume of orders.

Buy goods from China in online store and handing them to sell at higher prices in retail stores.

Furniture Assembly. Find wholesale store where you can purchase the hardware and lumber at low prices, collect furniture to order.

The cultivation of mushrooms. For this you need a wet room, the basement. The net cost of the mycelium.

Breeding rabbits. Rabbits breed very quickly, once every 3 months a female rabbit can give birth. Eat mostly grass.

Growing vegetables in a greenhouse. In the cold season the price of fresh vegetables is high enough and the cost quickly pays for itself.

The opening point of reception of scrap metal. This business has raised a lot of businessmen as well, but today it is a profitable business.

Tailoring. Today, many are engaged in similar activities and have a very good income – about the business at the Studio .

Creating your own website. You can earn on ads placed on the website and paid help other creators sites – about how earn online .

Tutoring activities, the work of the consultant. You will succeed if you are a professional in any field of activity.

What options will offer you and what do you think about those that were included in the list?