Funny and crazy ideas businessA compilation of crazy ideas – millionaires

What sometimes seems worthless, not worthy of our costly attention, the reality may be quite different. And there are many examples of people doing what never comes to mind of the average layman, was earning good money. Here are some of them.

David mark earned over 2 million dollars a year … chasing geese. Wild geese – pests of Golf courses. Mark started their chase your dog — self-employed owners of fields. Then he started selling franchises and finally sold the business up.

The woman survived cancer and lost her hair during chemotherapy. And then made a fortune by selling wigs for other women who are being treated for cancer.

A wise man once realized that if someone in Hollywood is building the scenery for movies, someone then to have it all out.

Jason wall began to make the knobs for automotive antennas, and soon the sale of these gifts exceeded $1.15 million per year. Then he merged with another manufacturer of this unusual product.

A young man was fishing in Florida. Caught trolling a log. It turned out that the river used to float logs. He hired divers to pull him logs from the bottom. And he successfully handles and sells the wood for the big money.

If your Corporation need for political correctness blue nigger in a wheelchair, this service you will find. They take only «orphaned and poor», because there are corporations, which the plan calls for multiculturalism it is gay, dwarf or a cripple.

Dominic McVey at age 13, began to import scooters from USA to England and to 19 years earned five million.