Dropshipping - the main idea of your businessSo really it was before, but with the development of the Internet everything changed radically. Now you don’t need to look for money to buy a batch of goods, storage and implementation. The idea of online business “dropshipping” allows to considerably simplify the scheme of work, leaving you the task of popularizing and promoting the product in the network.

What is dropshipping?

Assume that you are well versed in a product and want to sell it online. You have found the wholesaler with whom you could collaborate and thinking about creating your own online store. Everything seems to be established, and suddenly you are confronted with the problem of lack of required amount for the purchase of goods. But it still must be stored somewhere, and pay the salaries of people who will be engaged in the packing and shipping of product to customers. Still need to hire an accountant, pay taxes, and many other complications.

All this can be avoided with the help of dropshipping. In this business you will also act as a mediator between the supplier and buyer of goods, as in the classic scheme. But to pay for your order from the supplier you will be only after receive advance payment from the client. In this case, all the costs of packaging and dispatch of the goods, the supplier will take. Thus, you save time and money on packaging and shipping, and earn on the difference in price.

How it works

To understand how this works, let’s choose one product, and so we consider the scheme of sales. In this case it will be slimming belt Vibra Ton (Vibraton).

To start among the many sites that cooperate with Dropshippers, you choose one where this belt is sold at the lowest price. On this resource you are submitting a request for cooperation, which 99% will be adopted, since the site is interested in selling.

The next step will be the placement of the product in your online store. The price you set yourself, but it is higher than the supplier. As a rule, the average price is taken from all the proposals that are on the Internet. Pictures for the item you can take from a search engine or on the official website of the manufacturer. Description is taken there, and it is possible to write (if you think you can make quality selling text).

How vividly you describe your goods and advertise your online store. will directly depend on the number of sales. In the example that you see used such a good move, as the promotional price (“price” crossed out). It will help to attract to the product as much as possible potential buyers.

So, the goods are placed and you receive a first order from the client. He pays for products, and you forward the order to your supplier, who will pack and send the goods to the buyer. The key to dropshipping – ask the provider does not specify in the parcel cost of the item and shipping address. As a rule, those who cooperates with intermediaries understand the essence of the business and is willing to comply with this requirement.

To ensure that the goods are not lost in the road, can be purchased separately such services as tracking. This is the number by which you can trace the path of the order. It can be passed to the customer, if he have any delivery questions. In any case, to avoid possible misunderstandings, it is better to work with sellers with good reputation and high ratings.

Some sites offer Dropshippers additional bonuses for cooperation. For example, loyalty points of the total order, which can then be used to pay for future purchases.

You may scare a long time for delivery, and you will think that the client would not wait so long his coveted belt Vibra Ton. In this situation there is a solution – offer the customer a price below market, and he would be willing to wait for the item as needed.


Today online you can find any product that you like, and trade them according to the system of dropshipping: ranging from shoes to cars. This business idea has the minimum risks that requires no investment on your part and allows in the shortest possible time to achieve a high level of income. Simple and ingenious system works in 99% of 100, and one percent is left on those who did not dare to try it out.

If you want to continue working in dead-end job with a boring routine, then just close it and forget about it. But if you want to change your life for the better and become successful, then get up off the couch and start to act.

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