Business ideas in the power supply systemThe media have already mentioned about the opening of the London military Muse with the support of the Ministry of food UK exhibition.

The exhibition is interesting too. But our attention was drawn more towards the opening of the restaurant, in the framework of this exhibition, namely the military restaurant serves popular during the Second World war and created the situation in the spirit of the time.

The restaurant, which opened in 2011, will be not only a place where you can eat out. He will carry out educational tasks, i.e. will help fill existing gaps in knowledge about this war, which is important for young people.

On this basis. I would like to propose a business idea to create a similar institution. And by and large it does not matter whether it is a restaurant or “officer” dining room of the war years, it must be stylized as the forties of the last century, and certainly with an educational component.

This is not just a restaurant but a Museum where along with enjoyable pastime, you can feel the spirit of the time and in a peaceful atmosphere to tell your children about the deeds committed by their grandfathers. Setting the scene are intended to promote the paintings and murals on the heroic theme that will decorate the walls of this restaurant. For such a situation full of reality, it is necessary in addition to decorations to provide radio, a story about the triumphant Soviet offensive on all fronts.

For anybody not a secret that we not only removed in time from those glorious years, but many forget even important events. And with the passing of the increasing number of participants in those battles, we risk one day to answer the questions our children about certain events of the great Patriotic war.

Not the last place should be given and the restaurant menu. It’s a military restaurant and paying tribute to those difficult times, when sometimes the main food was potatoes, lentils and vegetables in season we should not forget about the traditions of Soviet cuisine. Although the different cereals will be affordable for our veterans and allow them to visit this place, we should not forget about the many dishes in prewar restaurants and, most importantly, all dishes should be served, as in those days.

One of the goals pursued by the British government, by creating such a restaurant is to tell contemporaries, about the economy during the war and after it. Such information would be informative and for us. Here you can organize history lessons for students of nearby schools. This situation will bring them closer to the events of those years and will have a better sense of the realities of those years. If we talk about the means and the necessary interventions at the opening of this institution, as it is always necessary to obtain a license, if it is not possible to buy, you can rent a space, decorate it and pick up the staff. Find menu, those years will be available on the Internet. The creation of an appropriate interior can also be gleaned from the world wide web. Here’s a business idea and a great success for all who wish to bring it to life.