Business ideas coming from the U.S.In the USA, all or almost all citizens interested in startups. There, across the ocean, business angels and people who have made their name with a clean slate, enjoyed even greater popularity than the stars of show business. More interesting is to figure out which business ideas coming from America, have become the most popular.

Fast food

Recently American fast food in Russia is experiencing certain negative impact. In particular, the network of fast food restaurants “McDonalds” is subject to multiple checks. There are even provisions on the closure of some institutions. Still, once a big Mac and fries were a cult food. To enjoy them, people were ready to defend kilometer queue. However, it’s not about the “McDonald’s”.

The existing system of fast food has been one of the most successful business ideas that came to us from across the ocean. Glad that fast food has gained national shade. It’s pancakes, potato casserole, and, of course, Shawarma. For example, Artem Ginosyan from Armavir is located in Anapa, won the hearts of millions of people with their art, to prepare this product, juggling the knives and forks.


Ten years ago, few could answer, what is the cleaning. In 1999, the journalists of one channel with this question appealed to random passersby on the streets of various provincial cities. Nobody could give a clear answer, and one young woman, blushing, said: “How can you ask that?”. What she had in mind, reporters did not understand. Meanwhile, the cleaning means specialized service for professional cleaning.

Currently this kind, as a rule, small business confidence has replaced traditional cleaning lady in a dark blue Bathrobe and with a bucket in his hand. Cleanliness in shopping malls and offices has become so familiar that pictures from the past about debris on the floors of shops seem anachronistic. By the way, in some articles they say that cleaning is an English invention. Meanwhile, the first specialized company in cleaning of offices appeared in new York in 1904 and called it “Wines & Spirits”.

PR Agency

Together with capitalism in 1992 came a concept such as PR. We are talking about indirect advertising, which, however, brings greater results than television commercials and Intrusive ads in the media and on the Internet. As a result, in our country there are talented firms specializing in writing articles that gently promote a particular product. Journalists, who are invited to such PR Agency, sometimes versed in the technical nuances better than the managers, directly selling the product. In any case, this U.S. business idea successfully engrafted in Russia.

Delivery of cars to rent

Traditionally, in Russia it was not customary to donate cars to rent. It was connected with a certain cult cars that had occurred many post-Soviet years. At the same time, Russian cars are not demand for image reasons. Recently, however, this market of services, though with difficulty, began to move and we. “Mostly foreigners take rental cars – says the Manager of one of the Moscow rental companies Arthur Monks. – However, us with them clearer and easier, as the Italian or Frenchman is unlikely to come to mind to steal a car. Culture is not the same!”.

English lawn

It is considered that English lawn came to us from Britain. This is partly true, but the industrial production of artificial turf was put in a one-storey America. “Landscape design is also an American idea, – says Valery Volodin. – If in Europe this was done by gardeners, we in the US are businessmen. Go to any company selling lawn – everything is done automatically from Sumerki to delivery”. Because of this, many housing estates, for example in the suburbs, are no different from the format of the American settlements.


This type of business is purely an American invention. The fact is that in many US States today have a legislative ban on the installation of washing machines in the apartments of multi-storey buildings. At the same time, the municipal government ordered companies serving high-rise buildings, to equip in the basement of launderettes. “At one time in America on this ground happened entrepreneurial madness, wrote the journalist and historian Carl Woodsen from Chicago. – In the basement didn’t have the space because everything was jammed washing machine. Stung by many, and Patrick Clifton became a millionaire. He made pictures for their services is minimal, almost zero profitability. Wash 10 kg of Laundry he cost less than a Cup of coffee”.

In fairness, this business in Russia has not become so popular as in USA. However, we mainly in dormitories, entrepreneurs good money by installing special “washing machine coin operated”.


A flat tire is always accompanied by Dismounting and mounting the tires. In America specialized boxes to repair punctures of tires were first installed at petrol stations and in 50-ies of the last century – everywhere on the roads. In small Midwestern cities, this small business has become a real lifesaver for hundreds of thousands of young Americans who did not have money to study in universities. “As for the tire service and equipment for chiromantic in Russia, then our country over the last ten years goes the same way as that of America in the mid twentieth century, – says Andrey Smirnov from Rostov-on-don. – The enormous number of cars on our roads involved in this enterprise tens of thousands of young people, the benefit that the investment in this case the money was paid off quickly and handsomely”.

With this assessment and agree the experts. At the same time, it is believed that in these days the market for these services came into balance and the emergence of a new tire carries certain risks. Meanwhile, five years ago it was possible to invest 10 thousand dollars and a year to beat off three times that amount.

Online store

The USA is the cradle of the Internet. Logical that were born in America first online shopping. Now this multi-billion dollar businesses with powerful email infrastructure and logistics. In Russia every self-respecting shopping network also has a Playground. On the other hand, hundreds of thousands Russians engaged in hand-mades, find clients through the Internet. “I sell embroidered boots, says members ndshdfk. – Expose the photos and bingo with price tags on various trading forums and, oddly enough, I find buyers. Of course, the idea is very much discredit virtual scams. But I think we are just doomed in ten years almost all buy and sell via online shopping”. In fact, this kind of small trading business has the lowest cost and with the right approach may well be formidable competition to the supermarkets.

Construction of frame houses

Russia has always built a long, expensive and… poorly. With the advent of frame houses, better known to us as “canadian”, has fundamentally changed the idea of what housing should be. Certainly, experts are not called such buildings are excellent from the point of view of operating characteristics. “But the canadian home ideal from the standpoint of price and quality, as well as provide excellent prospects for the developers, who decided to specialize in this form of construction, – the Builder Jacob Kasyanov. In just a few years, thousands of business people across the country joined in this business.”


About vending machines written hundreds, even thousands of articles. And yet… if you write about top business ideas that came to us from America, it would be unfair not to say a few words about them. “Strange, when in some publications about the best American business ideas says on the stickers for the flowers, but they are also silent about the vending, says independent analyst Sergei Iakobishvili. – I think that it makes sense to repeat and write, vending machines, including coffemate are one of the best ideas that came to us from across the ocean”.

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