Business idea: Ribbons for dot matrix printers For this activity you will need quite a lot of devices, namely a device for burning wood (it can be replaced with a soldering iron) and metal ruler. And of course you need to know how the cartridges dot matrix printers. All this, as well as persistence and desire will allow you to have a permanent income.

It should be noted that this work is dirty, and you never once stained, carrying out it. This drawback. But there are also advantages in the form of a steady income.

Before you start working, you need to buy a ribbon (it is sold by the roll), to prepare a dense polyethylene (most commonly used packaging polyethylene), you will also need foil, gloves and scissors.

Before you start this business, it is best to find potential customers. For this you need to visit various computer companies . to inform

them that you can buy this product, namely ribbons for dot matrix printers. You should also provide potential customers with samples. Maybe after this you will have your first customer.

It may seem strange, but dot matrix printers are still widely used. From this it follows that the tape is marketable.